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Organizing and Program Committee

  • Anne C. Elster, Chair
  • Jack Dongarra (USA)
  • Jerzy Wasniewski (Denmark)
    PARA Workshop Series Steering Committee
  • Jack Dongarra (Honorary Chair) (Utenn/ORNL, USA)
  • Jerzy Wasniewski (Chair) (TU Denmark)
  • Petter Bjørstad (U of Bergen, Norway)
  • Anne C. Elster (NTNU, Norway)
  • Bjørn Enquist (KTH, Sweden)
  • Juha Haatja (CSC, Finland)
  • Kimmo Koski (CSC, Finland)
  • Bo Kågström (U of Umeå, Sweden)
  • Hjalmtyr Hafsteinsson (U of Iceland)
  • Kaj Madsen (TU Denmark)
  • Sven Sigurdsson (U of Iceland)
    Local Committee:
  • Anne C. Elster (NTNU CS)
    local host and Chair
  • Jørn Amundsen,
  • Bjørn Lindi, HPC center group leader (NTNU-IT)
  • Jan Christian Meyer (NTNU CS)
  • Snorre Boasson (NTNU-IT)
  • Ellen Solberg (NTNU CS),
    Conference Secretary

    NTNU-IT includes our HPC Center; NTNU CS is the NTNU Department of Computer and Information Science

  • PARA 2008: Sponsor Presentations

    Workshop on State-of-the-Art in Scientific and Parallel Computing

    May 13-16, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

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    Industrial Track -- Open to the General Public in R1 (Realfagsbygget)!

    NOTE: The Opening and Key Note with Chis Johnson Starting at 8:15am on Wednesday, also in R1, is also open to the public

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    Wednesday May 14, 2008

    Wednesday May 14
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    MATLAB in Parallel Computing

    Sofia Moesson, M.Sc, MathWorks, Sweden

    Wednesday May 14
    Kleppe Photo
    Lippe Photo

    Research for Integrated Operations of the Future

    Jon Kleppe, Jon Lippe, Integrated Operations Center (IOCenter), NTNU
    Wednesday May 14
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    Roald Photo

    A Taste of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace Software

    Bjørn Roald, Software Project Engineer, Integrated Defence Systems, Kongsberg Defence & Aoerospace
    Wednesday May 14
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    The Democratization Of Parallel Computing

    Prof. Philipp Slusallek: On behalf og NVIDIA where he resently was a Visiting Professor at NVIDIA Research

    Thursday May 15

    Thursday May 15

    High Performance Computing on Windows CCS

    Pelle Olsson, Microsoft, Sweden
    Thursday May 15
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     0Photo  Photo  Photo

    SW Solving Real Problems for Maritime Customers

    Olav Opland(*), Jan Simonsen (**) and Arild Gonsholt:(***)
    • (*) Team Manager, GAS/Refit, Tank Management, Merchant Automation, Kongsberg Maritime
    • (**) Product Manager, Integrated Control System Product, Kongsberg Maritime
    • (***) General Manager, Positioning and Navigation Product Developement, Kongsberg Maritime
    Thursday May 15
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    What does Intel Next Generation Nahalem Microarchitecture bring to HPC?

    Dr. Pawel Gepner, EMEA HPC Platform Architecture Specialist, Intel Corporation
    Thursday May 15
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    Thursday May 15
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    FPGA-based Application Acceleration

    Magnus Peterson, Synnective Labs, Sweden

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