Minisymposium on
Scientific Computing on GPUs

Enrique S. Quintana-Orti, Jose R. Herrero, and Anne C. Elster

Abstract: The recent advances in hardware and programmability of graphics processors (GPUs) are rapidly increasing the appeal of these platforms as hardware co-processors for general-purpose computing. In particular, the involvement of the largest processor manufacturers and the considerable interest this area is receiving from researchers are clear signs of the future of this approach.

The aim of this minisymposium is to bring together experts working on the development of techniques and tools (e.g., compilers, high-level application programming interfaces, etc.) that improve the programmability of GPUs as well as experts interested in utilizing the computational power of GPUs for scientific applications.

To be held at the
Trondheim, Norway
May 13-16, 2008

A limited number of contributed, 20 minute talks will be selected for this minisymposium. A tentative title and a short abstract should be submitted via the PARA'08 submission system before February 20, 2008. An extended abstract no longer than 4 pages should be submitted before February 25. The acceptance of this abstract will be sent no later than March 07, 2008.

Detailed instructions for authors can be found at:

Make sure to submit your paper under "MS:Scientific Computing on GPUs"

The abstract should be 70-140 words + keywords typed into the submission system and the text of the extended abstract must be in .tex and PDF and follow Springer LNCS format


After acceptance, full papers formatted according to the rules of the Springer LNCS and the PARA 2008 Workshop should be sent before May 2, 2008, in order to be reviewed for publishing in the Springer LNCS PARA 2008 volume.

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