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Tips on how to get to Trondheim

If at all possible, fly directly to Trondheim.

If you have the time, I do recommend the train from the Trondheim Airport Værnes and in to Trodheim -- a beautiful 30 minute or so ride along the fjord. Alternatively, grad one of the airport buses right outside that takes you to the hotels downtown. The buss is around NOK 80, whereas taxis run over 500 for the local ones, or ca. NOK 300, if you ask for a "flytaxi" fixed rate from the Trondheim city-based taxis that are marked "Trønder taxi" or "Norges taxi".

Both taxis and busses take you through the "Hell" tunnel (named after the local town "Hell" which actually means "slope" in Norwegian), but it gives you bragging right of "having to go through Hell to get here", ;-)

There are direct flights to Trondheim from the following cities outside Norway as of April 14, 2008: (Source -- may contain typos!

  1. Alicante, Spain (SAS Norway) -- Satudays only
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands (KLM) -- Twice daily flights: Arr: 12:20 and 13:00; Dep: 06:15 and 13:00;
  3. Dubrovik, Croatia (Norwegian) -- Saturdays only; twice weekly June 30- Aug 4)
  4. Copenhagen, Denmark (Widerø -- 50% owned by SAS).
  5. London/Stansted, UK (Norwegian) -- three times a week
  6. Malaga, Spain (Norwegian) -- Saturdays only until October
  7. Murcia, Spain (Norwegian) -- Saturdays: Arr:23:30; Dep: 13:35
  8. Nice, France (Norwegian) -- Sundays: Arr 14:00; Dep: 06:30 (more flights in July)
  9. Praha, Czek Republic: Twice weekly:
  10. Riga, Latvia (Norwegian) -- twice weekly:
  11. Stockholm, Sweden (SAS Sweden) --
  12. Warszawa, Poland (Norwegian) until June 15:
Note that even from Oslo, Trondheim is a cruel 6.5-8 hr train ride away. Train tickets run NOK 299 each way of you book early, whereas you can still find a a plane ticket on Norwegian ( for NOK 362-583 each way from Gardemoen (Oslo main airport to Trondheim) on May 12 (as of April 14, 2008).

Anne's favorite way to get to Trondheim from the US is via the direct flight on NW/KLM from Amsterdam to Trondheim.

SAS has connections from the US via Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo.

Norwegian and SAS connect up directly to Trondheim from a number of Norwegian cities, including Oslo and Bergen.

As of April 14, Fly Nordic is now also Norwegian

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